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Electrostatic Disinfecting

Nashville Electrostatic Disinfecting Service

Although the technology has been around since the 1940’s, it wasn’t until the COVID-19 pandemic that electrostatic disinfecting became a widespread commercial sanitation solution.

On any given day, hundreds or even thousands of people will come in and out of your facility. While they bring with them diversity in ideas and possibilities, they also increase the chances of exposure to dangerous germs and viruses.

Protect and Prevent With Electrostatic Disinfecting in Nashville, Tennessee

Free up your staff to complete other important tasks. Not only is it nearly impossible to reach every little nook and cranny, but it’s time consuming to manually disinfect. Electrostatic disinfection involves spray-coating almost any surface. Here’s how it works:

  1. Liquids inside electrostatic sprayers are charged. 
  2. Liquids are sprayed wherever needed.
  3. Since the charged molecules repel each other, they’re able to cling to surfaces.

COVID-19 / Coronavirus Disinfecting In Nashville

A single virus particle is around one-millionth of an inch. It’s unrealistic to believe you can maximize efficiency in sanitation using the old squirt-and-wipe method.

Electrostatic disinfecting in Nashville, Tennessee is a proven solution that saves time and money, reduces chemical waste, keeps your carbon footprint low and prevents the spread of disease. Keep your staff safe, and call today to schedule an appointment today.